hey, I'm Lennart
I'm currently 20 years old
and some of my interests can be found below
things I like:
  • music 🎡
  • computers / servers πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
  • nature 🌊
  • books πŸ“š
  • nightskies ✨
me.πŸ“– I spend a big part of my free time on tinkering with computers and servers (some programming too, but I will never really get into that). I also started making music a few years ago, great way to express my feelings and an extremly interesting topic too. When I'm not wasting my time on geek stuff, I'm most likely with friends, taking semi-cool pictures with my phone, or hanging out with a book somewhere. oh and I'm somewhat addicted to caffeine and I love staying up late (hate getting up late tho). any questions? you'll find a way to contact me. 🀞🏻